Shoutout: Inclination

Inclination is a sick, new Louisville, Kentucky band, new enough that I couldn’t get a promo or live picture, so bask in the mystery of the album cover art above instead.

Inclination are one of the best current straight edge bands. They tick a few of my favorite boxes: first of all, they’re hard as fuck. This is not youth crew or beatdown, but more of a crossover/metallic hardcore/almost nu-metal sound, similar to bands like Orthodox. They echo the sound of older hardcore groups, with simple but effective hooks that lead into straight-up fight music.

My next positive point: they’re from the Midwest, not to mention an area that is pretty underrepresented as of late. Being around the NWI-MKE-CHI area, bands are spoiled by an endless amount of other awesome bands to play with that are fairly close-by. States like Michigan and Kentucky lose out on that closeness, but it just makes them try even harder to make cool music in their own areas, which is very apparent here.

Inclination’s home, Louisville, is known for hosting Midwest Blood Fest, as well as a super cool venue called Spinelli’s Pizzeria (not ironic, actually a pizzeria). Lastly, they are arguably best-known for being home to hardcore superstars Knocked Loose. In fact, Knocked Loose’s Isaac Hale plays in the band, and you may also recognize their vocalist Tyler Short from IN/KY hardcore band Another Mistake, as well as political hardcore punk band Constraint.

Last, but definitely not least: every single song is about being straight edge. Every one. Each of the five.

This is music I’d feel guilty listening to if I wasn’t straight edge. These are lyrics that would make a non-hardcore fan think that the members of this band are going to beat up their elderly relatives for smoking cigarettes. You can hear the emotion in Short’s voice in every word. This is not a group of people who have become complacent after being edge for a while.

Inclination has written five intensely passionate, personal songs, that lead to straightforward sentiments: “I'm still fucking straight edge,” (No Exit) “you lacked the fucking discipline/another piece of shit with no conviction,” (An X of My Own) and other badass, memorable statements. End scene (with a sick riff).

Check out their very appropriately-named EP, Midwest Straight Edge, below:


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