Shoutout: Lethal Contact

Lethal Contact are a new hardcore band coming out of Northwest Indiana that everyone around the Midwest seems to be super excited about - myself included.

They just released their demo last week, and the hype is already very apparent. The band features members of Kharma and No Victory, as well as some other familiar faces in Midwest hardcore. Everyone in the band is an incredible musician, with two members being producers that recorded and mastered the album themselves. It is evident that, by doing this, they knew exactly how to record and mix everything to their vision, which is an advantage not every band gets.

There are similar elements in their sound to well-loved bands like No Victory, All Out War, Detain, and Shattered Realm. If you’ve ever been to a show in the Midwest, you have probably seen their vocalist, Brittany Stuart, pop in for guest vocals at some point, and she’s progressed into a truly scary, angry vocal style. A good comparison would be to the vocals on the new Detain EP - heavy, enraged, and full of emotion. My personal favorite song of theirs, a prime example of this, would be “Left To Suffer.”

Musically, Lethal Contact is a pretty straight-forward beatdown band, with elements of powerviolence and metal from guitar solos and riffs. The metal influences also show in the speed of their music. The entire demo sounds like it would be playing in the background of a backyard fight. (The fight is being won by using a broken 40-ounce bottle.)

Simply put, this band could make even your grandmother want to punch somebody in the face.


While we're on the topic of places to fight, their first performance is going to be at this insanely stacked show at Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL, on August 28th. You’re a fool if you don’t come out. They will also be playing a show in Gary on September 7th.

Keep an eye out for this band.

Listen to Lethal Contact's first demo below:


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