Shoutout: Infamy

(Photo credits: Errick Easterday)

Wisconsin hardcore is one of the most well-rounded scenes in the country. While the handful of bands who get put on shows is somewhat small, it’s been growing, and their impact on the IL-MKE-NWI scene as a whole is insane. The cherry on top is the sheer amount of hardcore subgenres provided alone.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to one of the heavier bands around the area, one of the most slept-on, and definitely one of my favorites - Infamy.

Infamy released their first demo about a year ago today, recorded by Derick Goodson in Gary, IN. In just three short songs, they managed to resurrect the a straight-up heavy hardcore sound that got lost among the evolution of what Midwest hardcore is today. The band has a sound that is reminiscent of classic metal bands, without the thrash or hair metal-esque influence that sometimes comes with the territory. Simple, effective, and to-the-point.

Though they’re 4-piece band, even without the second guitarist, their music still sounds like a solid-ass punch to the face. Think of everything those tough guy bro hardcore bands do, but better.

Hey, do you have a ticket to The Rumble Chicago? You lucky motherfucker, you - you get to show up right on time and show Infamy some love on Saturday. What’s that? You have 8 and a half minutes that could be spent listening to a sick-ass demo? What a coincidence!

Listen to Infamy’s 2017 Demo below:


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