Shoutout: Another One Dead

(Photo credit: Kyle Bergfors)

Here is a long-overdue shoutout for one of my favorite locals  - NWI’s very badass death metal band, Another One Dead.

A1D’s vocalist comes from the now-defunct (but very fondly remembered) blackened hardcore band, Blackwater. However, this is something completely different. Every metal band, at the very least, needs a solid guitarist, and one of the band’s biggest advantages is having one of the best guitarists in the Midwest - No Victory and Purgatory’s Brian Pilla. While he brings something special to the sound of each of those bands, Pilla getting to showcase his skills in a band like this, with sweeping guitar solos flowing smoothly into neck-breaking chugs, is definitely the shit I do like. Other members of the band also play in Kharma, Lethal Contact, and No Victory, making this somewhat of a supergroup of some of the Midwest’s best.

To explain that overly complicated genre label I gave you - A1D is like nothing else in the area. As you can see from the history above, this band draws from all sorts of influences, making it so they fit just as well on a metal bill as they do on a hardcore one.

While we’ve established how good this band is, the production used  can make or break a release. A1D’s EP passed this test with flying colors - I thoroughly enjoyed the way this record was mixed. This quality, paired with a few well-timed samples, gives me a classic 80’s metal vibe that I really like.

Another One Dead’s debut EP is unique and solid enough to stand on its own against a sea of corny new metal bands that pop up almost daily. This is not an easy feat, but it is a big reason why I enjoy this band as much as I do.

Listen to Another One Dead’s EP, “Tomb of a Thousand Sorrows,” on their Bandcamp below.


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