Interview: Mindfield's Trevor Bacon on Their New EP, the Florida Music Scene, and More

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It’s no secret that Florida has no shortage of awesome bands. One type that they do particularly well is definitely crossover hardcore - the kind that closely toes the line of fast, classic 80’s-influenced thrash metal. While some bands can struggle to keep all aspects balanced, with each release, Jacksonville’s Mindfield has managed to get closer and closer to perfecting this sound.

A couple weeks ago, they premiered the first song off of their new self-titled EP - a short-and-sweet, never-before-played-live track called “Violent Nature.” Since then, they’ve followed up with “Sacrifice of the Skin,” my personal favorite of the two. When asked about what goes into writing new Mindfield material, drummer Trevor Bacon spoke on a change in member lineup, as well as aiming for a more technical sound. He later used, in my opinion, the best possible word to describe it - riffier. “This is our first release with our new guitarist in the band, so it was really awesome seeing all of the new aspects and creativity come to fruition with a new member,” Bacon explains. “We wanted these songs to be the perfect blend of everything we love and want to sound like as a band - fast, heavy riffs that have just the right amount of leads and structure to them to glue it all together.

Album artwork for Mindfield’s  self-titled EP, out September 20th

Bacon went on to explain their metallic roots and other influences. “As for lyrical content, our vocalist Nick focuses on different topics, such as the fear of going through life not being able to feel the emotions every human should be able to feel because of anxiety, depression and self hatred. Also - getting revenge on horrible people who go through life doing horrible things and not facing repercussions for the horrible shit they do. Musical influences include some of our favorites like Sepultura, Turmoil, Black Breath, lots of different kinds of bands.”

While not much has changed, the new creative force of adding a new member seems to be working out for them. “Since our first release we’ve tried to write more technical, faster, riffier material, while trying to add in different influential sounds and still keep everything palatable for people who normally would not listen to different subgenres of metal/hardcore music. Bringing in our new guitarist has really helped shape the sound and style of our band as a whole, and we are very excited to be working with him.” In short, while they’ve stayed true to their original metallic sound, a new set of ears definitely seems to have helped them polish their sound.

As mentioned above, Mindfield hail from a state that had become a hotbed of awesome bands - Florida. The nuances and variety in their material make perfect sense when you consider the variety in general that Florida has to offer. Bacon explains, “My favorite part of the scene down here is the diversity of it. There’s a little something for everyone here, from the booming metal scenes in Jacksonville and Tampa, to the awesome South Florida hardcore scene. You can find friends all over that enjoy all sorts of music that will go see Madball one night and go see Obituary the next week. It’s a super cool, diverse place for music.”

When asked what his favorite Florida bands were, Bacon had no problem providing plenty of names and genres. “First of all, as always, shout out to Rhythm of Fear. This band has single handedly held the attention of our local scene in Jacksonville for years and years and still get better every time I see them and are making big moves that show local bands from here that’s it’s possible to achieve more for your band with a little hard work and patience.

Some other Florida bands who are really holding our attention lately have been: Control System, Age of Misery, Saul, Heatseeker, Twisted Dream, Xaeus, Seed of Pain, Dominant Force, Exit Strategy, Heirless, Point of Contact, Three Knee Deep, Colonial Wound, Graveview, Dead or in Jail, Rahm, Foul Play, Losing Vision, Violated Right and Final Warning.” 

What’s next for Mindfield? First order of business: a fall tour with Ohio’s By Force (dates above). While some places will be welcoming them back, I asked if there was anywhere new they were excited to hit for the first time. “I believe we are hitting North Carolina & Virginia for the first time. Definitely looking forward to playing Nashville as always, That 70’s House is a giant basement in someones house that is one of the funnest, most lively rooms (literally) that we have played.”

As far as last words, Bacon has a few simple, yet important messages. “Be on the lookout for more announcements, more music, more of everything from us. We have no plans on slowing down any time soon.”

“Also on a real tip, check on your friends and tell the people you love that you love them unapologetically, life is short and you don’t know when it could be the last time you see the people you love. Support your friends and family over everything.”

Check out Mindfield’s social media below to stay up on tour dates, music, and more:

Additionally, be sure to check out their two new tracks and keep an eye out for their self-titled EP's release on September 20th!


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