Detain Release New Song - "Capital Punishment"

Photo by Jesse Freeman

Detain just dropped a new song, a teaser for their debut EP on Harm Reduction, called “Capital Punishment.” This is the first time we’ve heard something new from the band in a couple years, and I'm psyched about it. The production value is definitely very quality in comparison to the rougher sound of their singles and demo, the vocals are much deeper, and everything is a lot heavier. It’s good ol’ fashioned beat-some-ass music (just in time for their upcoming show at Subterranean in Chicago).

The EP’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. World of Decay
3. Capital Punishment
4. The Lord’s Prayer
5. Insurgency

Pre-orders are up for shirt/cassette bundles here, through Cold Cuts, or here, through Deathwish. The Cold Cuts cassette is in an exclusive white variant. All pre-orders ship early August.

Stream “Capital Punishment” here.


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