Backbone Release New EP - "All Love Withdraws"

(Photo credit: Trevor Sweeney Media)

Wisconsin hardcore band Backbone have finally presented us with some long-awaited new music - their new EP, “All Love Withdraws.”

The band previously recorded two songs for a release called Bite the Bullet, as well as two songs for the Midwest Young & Restless Split with Kharma and Delinquents. “All Love Withdraws”  features a re-recorded version of one of their more well-known songs, “Bite the Bullet,” as well as 4 new songs. One of which features Muggy, vocalist of the (amazing) Atlanta band Revenge Season.

This time around, Backbone recorded with Derick Goodson, who has recorded and mastered a ton of the best releases this year (Kharma, Source of Hate, Forced Impact, No Victory, etc.) Partly due to this fact, the band has definitely refined their sound a bit. People around the Midwest that are used to seeing the band a ton will be stoked to hear some new songs - myself included!

Listen to “All Love Withdraws” on Bandcamp below:


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