FYA Fest 2018 Lineup Announced - Stream the Bands

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FYA Fest has announced another incredible lineup for its 5th year. The fest is being held at the Cuban Club in Tampa (as opposed to the previous venue, The Orpheum), and tickets will be on sale this Friday, September 8th (day passes here, weekend passes here).

I have compiled a list with links to all of the bands’ music (except you, Three Knee Deep) to help you familiarize yourself with some new favorites before you get there. Click each band name for their respective links.

Code Orange (PA), Chain of Strength (CA),  Earth Crisis (NY), Infest (CA), Harms Way (IL), Fire & Ice (VA), Freedom (MI),  ????, Forced Order (CA),  Abuse of Power (GA), Bind (FL),  Candy (NY), Cradle to Grave (FL), Dead Heat (CA), Deaf to Reason (FL), Detain (MI),  Division of Mind (VA), Ecostrike (FL),  Firm Standing Law (UK), Jesus Piece (PA), Jukai (NY), Line of Sight (DC), Magnitude (NC), Nosebleed (VA), Red Death (DC), Resistance Wire (PA), Mindforce (NY), Secondsight (FL), Step 4 Change (CA), Substance (NC), Three Knee Deep (FL), Trail of Lies (NY), Vein (MA), Wild Side (MT), Year of the Knife (DE)

As you can see, there’s a pretty heavy East Coast presence, with a good handful of Florida and California bands as well. There’s even a band from the UK, as well as… Montana? All in all, there’s a huge range of bands playing all kinds of subgenres of hardcore. It’s sure to be an amazing time.

Aftershows will be announced in the future. I will update this post with links as they come!


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