Left Behind Premiere New Single & Video - "Tough Love"

West Virginia-based metallic hardcore band, Left Behind, have released track from their new album - “Tough Love.”

The band has seemingly moved away from their metalcore-esque roots into less than three minutes of straight-up destructive metal/nu metal in their new song. It will be interesting to watch the progression in their sound when their new album comes out.

The band said (above) to Decibel Magazine about the video, “The video is abstract and disorderly, reflecting (vocalist) Zach’s mental state after his girlfriend’s death and the anger he had towards her father, who had physically and emotionally abused her throughout her life and up until the night before her death.”

As the band stated, the video is very abstract, evoking evil imagery to tell a story without doing it too obviously. I've always really admired Left Behind's art style, and I feel like this is that style, as featured on their album cover for Seeing Hell, coming to life in a video. The video's amazing visuals do a great job of visually representing what the inside of someone's head feels like like during a fit of anxiety, depression, and rage.

The band is planning to release their new album, Blessed By the Burn, on October 27th. They have pre-orders on MerchNow for t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, sweatpants, hats, vinyl, and a bundle of all of the above for $175 if you're really feelin' it.

(click image for their MerchNow store!)

Check out “Tough Love” on Apple Music below.


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