Now Available: Resonating Zine Vol. 1 - "Resonating x The Rumble"

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the absence, but not really, because I was busy making one of the coolest things I’ve ever created.

I introduce to you - the first physical Resonating Zine!
For only $5, the zine is full color, 30 pages, and includes interviews with Kharma, No Victory, Spine, and Shattered Realm, as well as photography from Kyle Bergfors and other attendees. Additionally - if you participated in the survey I put out at the beginning of last month, there is a chance your response was published!

You can either grab one from me at a show for (I will announce where I’m selling here or here), or on our brand new BigCartel Store (click here).

Thank you so much to anyone who supported this project. I hope to publish more eventually, and, most importantly, I hope you enjoy it!


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