Interview: On Sight's JT Giordano on New Album "Cause of Pain"

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On Sight are the newest addition to the Unbeaten Records roster, a label run by Stigmata’s Buddy Armstrong that relentlessly puts out some of the angriest new music there is to offer. A couple weeks ago, the New Jersey natives just put out a full length record entitled Cause of Pain that showcases just that. Read on to hear vocalist JT Giordano’s thoughts on the making of the album!

JT’s first hardcore show was, in his words, more of a “metal hardcore show.” While he can’t recall who played (besides the fact that they were locals), the experience definitely stuck with him. “What kept me there is, for the first time, I felt like I fit in, I guess. I was picked on a lot in school for being different, and I felt these shows were just a room full of kids who felt just like me. Plus, it was an outlet between school and home life.  The moshing and aggressive music hooked me.”

When it comes to what influenced the record, JT explains that the album’s title is pretty self-explanatory. “I'd say most of the influences on writing this record are just personal experiences in life throughout the years. Loss of a close friend or family member. Dealing with mental health. Addiction, breakups, and anything that can cause pain in someone's life hence the album title - CAUSE OF PAIN.”

On Sight has been a band for a while, but this is their first release with Unbeaten. I asked JT what piqued the band’s interest in wanting to work with the label.

“I'd say, by the time we dropped our second EP, we started getting some bigger shows and a little more attention. So, we decided to try and take this to the next step. That being said, we met Buddy [Armstrong, Unbeaten Records] in Albany. He just watched us play at the Fuze Box, and about a year later, he saw us play in Philly. We chatted a bit and it's been all uphill since then.”

I asked JT what about “Cause of Pain” stood out as a title track for the record. “Ride the Lighting was taken, so we settled,” he jokes. “No, but really, the record is about pain caused in everyday life. Each song has a different example of how someone deals with pain, whether it be from addiction, abuse from political powers, poverty, and heartbreak.”

Every member of a band has a personal favorite track on their own record, and I asked JT to share his - whether it’s because of the meaning, the riffs, or whatever else.  “The first song on the record, ‘Without You,’ is probably the most personal for me. [It’s] about losing a friend who was very close to me,” he explains. “We had a very similar childhood, and we always stuck together throughout the years.”

“Riffwise, ‘Fire and Ice’ is an ass beater.”

New Jersey has always been a really good place for hardcore - I asked JT to give a little rundown of his feelings on the local scene there. “The NJ scene has always showed love and always been one of the best, whether it be in North or South Jersey. New Jersey’s hardcore scene is full of loyal fans to the genre, no matter what,” he says. “Just an example - [the] last show we played was a benefit for a child with a brain tumor. We put together a benefit show, and so many people came out from all over. Whoever could not make it donated to the GoFundMe page. People showed support and love, and it truly was a special moment and great cause.”

If you’re unfamiliar with bands from the area, here’s some of JT’s favorites: “My favorite OG bands from the area are Suburban Scum, E Town Concrete, and Folly. My favorite newer NJ bands are Paralysis, and Threat 2 Society.

As far as future plans go, it goes without saying that a lot of bands have had to halt theirs. However, On Sight has plans in mind as soon as everything opens up again. “We are currently working on a release show,” JT shares. “Things have been a little tough with COVID-19, but that goes for every artist right now in the music industry. As of now, all we ask is to give the record a listen when it is released, and new things are on the way.”

JT’s parting words are simple - “Thanks to all friends, family and fans. We hope you all stay safe and healthy.” 

Oh, one last thing.

“And Carole Baskin definitely did it.”

Thank you again to JT for speaking with Resonating!

You can find the band online by following the links below: 

You can check out Cause of Pain via Bandcamp below:


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