Philly HxC Unity BBQ 2.5 Rescheduled - Listen to the Bands


Tell all your friends - SHOWS ARE BACK!

Last year, we obviously faced a lot of cancellations of things we were looking forward to. One that a lot of people were particularly bummed out about was the second Unity BBQ in Pennsylvania, which was supposed to happen last April. 

Fortunately, things are finally starting to let up - and the BBQ is back on! The show will take place on July 10th, 2021, at 2118 Old Bethlehem Pike, in Sellersville, PA.

Before I get into linking up the bands, I just want to put respect on the way the show is run. All profits are going to the Philly Bully Team, a pitbull rescue local to the area, and admission is $2 if you get there before the first band (Payback), $10 if you get there after. So many smaller bands struggle to grow their fanbase because of the folks that come to shows halfway through to see their buddies and leave. Here’s to hoping this makes it so everyone on the bill gets the crowd they rightfully deserve. 

With that being said - it's a wonderful thing to be able to write a post about a big show/fest again. Onto the bands.

Struck Nerve (PA) | Spirit Flaw (PA) | Simulakra (DE) | Shackled (NJ) | Raw Life (NJ) | Raw Brigade (Colombia) | Rain of Salvation (NY/DE/CT) | Payback (PA) | One Step Closer (PA) | Off the Tracks | Not One Truth (NJ) | Life’s Question (PA) | Killing Me (PA) | Jesus Piece (PA) | Hesitate (PA/DE) | Gridiron (MI) | Fixation (PA) | Chemical Fix (PA) | Carried By Six (PA/NJ/NY)

And if you’re too lazy to check out the Bandcamp links, here’s a Spotify playlist.

This is going to be a phenomenal show. For those who haven’t seen live music in over a year, you couldn’t ask for a better first show back. Major hats off to Pennsylvania hardcore for putting this lineup together - I can’t wait to see what more they’ve got cooking for the rest of the year.


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