FYA 8 Might Be As Perfect As a Fest Lineup Can Get - Stream the Bands


It’s about that time again!

FYA Fest 8 will be occurring on January 8th and 9th, 2022, in Tampa, FL, at the Bryan Glazer Jewish Community Center.

They announced their 8th lineup this past Monday, featuring a huge variety of hardcore bands from across the country - and even a few international guests. This was already guaranteed to be an insane weekend, but this lineup goes above and beyond any expectations I had for the first big fest back post-quarantine.

The lineup features a good balance of smaller bands, as well as some bigger names. New Jersey’s E-Town Concrete holds the crown for the band with the longest-running heritage on the fest, no doubt playing with several bands they’ve helped shape over the years. Aside from that, the lineup captures almost all of the best current hardcore bands out right now. 

The West Coast is represented by some returning acts and some new faces, including Gulch, God’s Hate, Sunami, Ingrown, and Drain, while the Midwest is represented by heavyweights MH Chaos, Gridiron and Never Ending Game. The East Coast is the most prominently featured here, with awesome bands like Vein.FM, Worn, Shackled, Koyo, and the ever-popular topic of conversation Turnstile. Florida natives Three Knee Deep, Burning Strong, and more will surely bring a big reaction in their home state. While you’re watching  the locals, however, don’t forget to check out the international bands who will be coming a long way to be there - Colombia’s Raw Brigade, Scotland’s Despize, and, last but not least, Japan’s Kruelty.

While that was just a taste of what you can expect to hear FYA weekend, I highly recommend you check out all the bands that will be playing - and, as usual, I’ve got a playlist and direct links to the bands to help you do just that.

 After evaluating reader feedback, these links will go to Spotify instead of Bandcamp. Let me know if that switch works better for you!

Year of the Knife (DE) | Worn (PA) | Three Knee Deep (FL) | Sunami (CA) | Struck Nerve (PA) | Spy (CA) | Simulakra (DE) | Shackled (NJ) | Raw Brigade (COL) | Payback (PA) | Pain of Truth (Northeast) | One Step Closer (PA) | Never Ending Game (MI) | Moment of Truth (FL) | MH Chaos (IL) | Magnitude (NC) | Life’s Question (Northeast) | Koyo (NY) | Kruelty (JPN) | Ingrown (ID) | Gridiron (MI/PA) | End It (MD) | Drain (CA) | Despize (SCT) | Dead Heat (CA) | C4 (MA) | Burning Strong (FL) | Be All End All (FL) | Almighty Watching (CT) | All Due Respect (Northeast) | Age of Apocalypse (NY) | Gulch (CA) | God’s Hate (CA) | Mindforce (NY) | Vein.fm (MA) | Turnstile (MD) | E-Town Concrete (NJ)

Tickets will go live on Friday, September 3rd, at this link - $48 for single day passes, $90 for the weekend.

This post will be updated with any pre-/aftershows, as well as day splits, once those are announced.

See you there!


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