Hi! My name is Angie. After writing for music and beauty publications for 3+ years, I created Resonating almost 4 years ago. Nice to meet you.

The simplest explanation for this website: I write about things that are resonating with me. Resonating's primary focus is giving talented bands a platform, but we also discuss other topics that hardcore fans may be interested in, as well as the culture that comes with the scene. Additionally, to those who contribute, Resonating is meant to be a creative outlet for those in the hardcore scene who are into photography, writing, and whatever else fits.

In summary - Resonating is here to lift up and talk about things and people that matter.

As a collective, we look forward to providing content that you, the reader, care about, and we are thankful to have the opportunity to speak on what we care about as well.

Hopefully, it resonates with you too.


Contact me at resonatingangie@gmail.com for all inquiries.

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