Streaming: Rock the Fuck On Forever - Angel Du$t

One of my absolute favorite bands, Angel Du$t, has released their highly anticipated followup to their debut in 2014; Rock the Fuck On Forever.

As pretty much everyone in the hardcore scene knows, this band is fronted by Trapped Under Ice frontman Justice Tripp, and it features Daniel Fang, also known as the drummer of bands like Turnstile, Praise, and Mindset (RIP). What this translates to for you is that the band contains some highly influential musicians in the scene that influence the band for the better.

Influences of traditional hardcore punk and surf punk come together (with plenty of sexual innuendos) for an album that is loaded with a feeling that can only be described as summer itself.

Go put this album on, find a honey, and lay in the grass on a 90 degree day somewhere.


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