New Video Premiere: Turnover - "Humming"

After a few months, Turnover has released their music video for the song “Humming,” off their 2015 release, Peripheral Vision.

The video is very aesthetically pleasing and artsy in an age of less and less creative music videos. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve gotten hyped up to see a music video for a song I really like and it’s just the band playing in some sort of gray garage area, abandoned forest, or even just an actual show of theirs. While these videos have their place, it’s refreshing to see a band spice it up.

This video was directed by guitarist Eric Soucy’s brother, Rob Soucy, who has also directed some really cool videos for Alkaline Trio ("I Wanna Be a Warhol"), Man Overboard ("She's In Pictures") Azealia Banks ("Wallace" and others), as well as the band's previous video ("New Scream"). It has a lo-fi feel to it and is in fuzzy black and white. The camera flashes from the band playing in a desert landscape, a drag queen eating a banana, a mariachi band, and a girl wandering around the same hazy desert.

Watch the video below.


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