Bruise Sign To Unbeaten Records & Announce Debut LP

Please welcome Indianapolis’s finest (unluckiest) band to Unbeaten Records - Bruise!

Bruise are an incredible hardcore band from Indiana.  Citing contrasting influences like Pantera alongside Incendiary, they have a unique sound that will add something new to the label, while still managing to fit right in. On the label, they join the ranks of awesome bands like Orthodox, No Victory, and Left Behind.

Additionally, following a decent amount of prior releases, the band announced that fans can expect their debut LP sometime in early 2018.

Congratulations to Bruise. They’re a super hard-working group of people that have been on the grind for quite some time, and anyone who has been following their journey as a band knows they deserve this.

Familiarize yourself and listen to Bruise’s Summer 2017 promo below:

Additionally, follow the band and Unbeaten on social media:

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