Life and Death Brigade Launch Their First Release

Allow me to introduce you to one of your new favorite record labels - Life and Death Brigade.

Tyler Short, who has been in bands such as Another Mistake, Inclination, and Constraint, has teamed up with Ashton Clemons to start a label, based out of Louisville, Kentucky. This fills an important gap, as many smaller Midwest hardcore bands did not previously release their music on vinyl.

The label has plans to press Death Rate’s “Nothin’ But Hate,” which was released yesterday, as well as Nine Eyes’ album from earlier this year, “Forever Isn’t Long Enough,” on vinyl. The former will be coming out early next year, and the latter will be out later this year.

Their first release is Wicked Garden’s demo on Pink and Translucent Purple The amount they will be pressing of each color is unknown. You can pick the demo up in either color via this link for $5 (plus shipping of $6 in the US).

Listen to the demo below:

Follow the label and support them on Twitter, and check out their BigCartel store. Additionally, you can find the label’s founders, Ashton and Tyler, via Twitter.

Keep an eye out. This label is going to do big things for hardcore and the Midwest.


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