Shoutout: Capitol Offense

(Photo credit: Errick Easterday)

There will no longer be any tolerance to those who sleep on or disgrace Central Illinois Hardcore. This band going to beat you up if you do, and you will deserve it.

Capitol Offense are an awesome hardcore band from Decatur, IL - a somewhat larger city right in the center of the state that doesn’t get a lot of publicity beyond articles calling it one of Illinois’ most dangerous cities, and some weird shit about hauntings and wereleopards.

The band’s sound echoes that of thrashy skate punk bands like Blind Justice, Bonehead and Spitback, while also maintaining a heavier edge that is influenced by bands like Hatebreed. This results in the perfect combination of two-steppers and heavier bits that make for a super fun, emotional release of a set. This kind of sound is fairly unique for a band in the area, seemingly more popular on the East Coast, but I personally think the Midwest need way more of it. I always get psyched to see them on lineups for shows out here, as they diversify shows that have a lot of similar-sounding bands.

Unfortunately, the band doesn’t play non-hometown shows very often due to other obligations (vocalist Tyler Brown is actually an awesome tattoo artist at Oakwood Tattoo in Decatur, for one), but this does give them the opportunity to put on a kickass show every time.

As a warning - their Hatebreed cover kicks my entire ass, and is usually the part of their set where people that had no idea who Capitol Offense was before that start trying to kill each other. It’s very fun to see.

Speaking of shows - Capitol Offense will be playing a show tomorrow at one of my favorite venues - The D in Gary, IN -  with Purgatory, Atonement, and Lethal Contact for $8. I’ll be there, you should be there too.

Just in case you can't make it (bummer), or you need to familiarize yourself (solid choice), you can stream Capitol Offense’s self-titled EP below:


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