Interview: Jordan Posner (Terror)

I received the awesome opportunity to talk to California hardcore giants Terror about their new record, Total Retaliation! Read on to find out about guitarist Jordan Posner’s thoughts on the album, FYA Fest, hardcore trends, and more.


Please introduce yourself with your name and what you do in Terror.
I’m Jordan, and I’ve been playing guitar in Terror since 2009.
Who played the first hardcore show you ever attended? What effect did that have on keeping you involved in hardcore?
I would see a few local hardcore bands who would be on punk show bills, but the first big hardcore show I can recall seeing that had quite the impact on me was in 1997 - Sick of it All, Strife and One King Down in Toronto. It was a whole other type of insanity and intimacy that I’d never experienced at a live show before. To be able to play shows from a performers’ side that is creating that energy [is what] keeps me doing it!
Terror has been a band for a long time - 16 years to be exact. A lot of bands tend to lose interest before they get to this point. What has kept you guys going as a band?
Kinda what I mentioned above. We’re fortunate enough to have been around this long now and still have people going off at our shows. Going crazy, diving and singing along - smiles on everyone’s faces! The fact that we can travel the world and still have these kind of reactions is what does it for us.

Let’s talk about Total Retaliation. This will be your 7th album. Can you tell us a little about what to expect with that record?
This is the best Terror record in years, in my opinion. It sounds crushing, the lyrics are more pissed off than ever, and the riffs don’t let up. After 7 albums, it can be tough to come up with material that we feel is fresh, but at the same time wanting to give a Terror fan what they want. I’m proud we nailed that in spades on this album. It’s all part of the challenge.

Do you feel like your musical influences have changed over time, compared to previous releases?
Yes and no. Our influences always will come from the bands that shaped this ban , new and old, but with time, as we get older, we listen to a lot different genres of music, and that’s always best to get a vibe from and turn it into our own Terror-styled thing.
This is going to be your first release on Pure Noise. How was working with them?
They’ve been very excited and supportive from the get go.  It’s a fresh start for us and we’re looking forward to see what they can do to get this album out to as many ears as possible.
Where does the title Total Retaliation come from? What meaning does it hold for you?
I think it was a term that Scott or Ben (No Warning, who helped out with this album ) had as a song title. By the time the song was finished, we knew it was the one. it’s basically our statement as a band and to the world around us. Push back when you feel the world is pushing you.

I saw that you guys are going to be doing a listening party on the 26th at Grill ‘Em All, a burger joint. There’s going to be a Terror burger and everything. How exactly did that get set up?
I believe the owners of that spot are old Terror fans and that is such a cool thing they did in our honour. I’ve still yet to try it but am looking forward to. It looks so fucking good! Haha.
Terror will be playing FYA Fest early next year, which happens to have an awesome lineup. What are some bands you’re excited to share the stage with?
Death Threat are one of my all time favourite hardcore bands, so them for sure. Backtrack are our dear friends, Breakdown obviously, Mil-Spec representing Toronto, and Bitter End.
Are there any newer bands you’d be excited to take out on tour in the future?
We’re taking Candy out with us next month, siked for that. King Nine (not really new anymore, but current).
An age-old question: what advice would you give to younger kids and bands in the current hardcore scene?
Trends come and go. Don’t worry about what’s “hot” at the moment and play what you want to.  If you’re good, people will pay attention.
Anything else you’d like to say?
Thanks for the interview! Much love!


As always, thank you for reading! Total Retaliation will be dropping on September 28th. Listen to the singles above, and stay tuned for a full review!


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