Shoutout: Simulakra

I’m not sure what makes everyone in Delaware so mad all the time, but I think I'm glad that someone is consistently pissing them off this much. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’ll be a lot clearer when you listen to a band like Simulakra - a band that clearly creates music to kill and be killed to.

Simulakra released their demo just a few days ago on Bandcamp. Since then, I’ve heard it described as “madman music,” “the soundtrack to the end of the world,” and so on. I’d expect nothing less from a band that happens to be a supergroup made of members of some of the best bands in hardcore today - Foreign Hands, Vicious Embrace, and Tourniquet. Reverb-y, confrontational vocals, hard-hitting drums, and fast-paced, violent riffs come together to form a perfectly curated 3-song assault that establishes exactly what to expect from this band. Not an ounce of repetition is to be found. The band effortlessly incorporates circle pit-worthy tempos with slow, punishing breakdowns that take their sweet time to allow you to get your ass beaten, all in just 5-and-a-half minutes.

Check out Simulakra’s demo on Bandcamp below or be square. Or a dumbass. Whatever, your loss.

My favorite track is “Who’s to Blame.”


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