Advanced Perspective Summer Exhibition: Bringing Classic Hardcore to Chicago

Despite my personal preference for metallic hardcore, there will always be a huge place in my heart for my hardcore first love - the fast-paced, rock n’ roll-reminiscent sound of youth crew. Drummers that look like they’ll combust if they stop moving, vocalists that forgo a polished technique for a rawer style, and fast, tight riffs and basslines that beg you to two-step along. That’s why I’m so stoked that Chicago scored this year’s Advanced Perspective Summer Exhibition.

The fest features a long list of bands that haven’t been to the area in a long time, if ever, for just $30. Better yet, the fest will be hosted at a really cool venue that has been doing hardcore shows again more recently - Pilsen sports complex Chitown Futbol. The other shows that booking group Selective Memory have hosted at this venue have been a hit. It’s a massive space with tons of room to jam out, dance, or whatever else you feel, while also being one of the coolest spaces in the city as a whole.

While the main fest is a Saturday matinee starting at 2pm, there’s also a pre-show on Friday, an afterparty with a DJ set by Poison Thorn (Shane Moran, Title Fight), and a Sunday matinee aftershow.

If you’re jaded by the constant battle to be “heavy” bands seem to be in lately, then the Advanced Perspective Summer Exhibition 2019 is the fest for you.

Tickets can be purchased for $30 by clicking on this link. For information on the pre- and aftershows, click on the flyer up top. Additionally, check out the bands by clicking on their links, as well as via the playlist below.

Fury (CA) | Diztort (CA) | Lion of Judah (DC) | Firewalker (MA) | Mil-Spec (CAN) | Narrow Head (TX) | Wild Side (CAN) | Skourge (TX) | Result of Choice (FL) | Muscle Before Paradise (NY) | Best Wishes (CAN) | O.N.E. (MO) | Vortex (IL - last show) | Happy House & Poison Thorn DJ set


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