Low End Drop 3 New Tracks - "Summer Blues"

Milwaukee hardcore's best, Low End, have dropped a 3-song project, titled Summer Blues, streaming exclusively on Bandcamp. The songs will make their way to other streaming platforms next week, on 9/1. This is their first release since dropping their first EP, playing their first show, and signing to Safe Inside Records last year - thanks to the band’s seemingly endless grind.

Contrasting the title, the cover art, created by Milwaukee local and Falter vocalist Lenny Janiszewski, perfectly encapsulates that gray, hazy feeling of a Midwest winter. This perfectly frames the distorted, drawn out, doomy intro of the first track. Over the course of the 3 songs, Low End quickly picks up to the breakneck pace they established on Steadfast.  Vocalist Jimmy LaDue’s fierce vocal style and straight-to-the-throat lyrics perfectly top off the band’s brand of unrelenting, punk-influenced hardcore.

You can listen to Summer Blues via Bandcamp below:


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