FYA 2020 Lineup and Day Splits Released - Stream the Bands

Tampa’s FYA Fest bares just one bold tagline: “dedicated to hardcore.” As the fest approaches its 7th year, it’s clear that this remains true.

The fest continues to feature a variety of hardcore bands. This year shines a spotlight on several fantastic bands that are local to the state, like Point of Contact, and, of course, FYA staples Three Knee Deep. At the same time, there’s a good amount of East Coast exposure here, with newer bands like Simulakra, as well as the fest return of the well-missed New Yorkers in Mindforce. Plenty of well-deserved internet buzz has been surrounding bands like Magnitude and GulchMH Chaos and Life’s Question make their FYA debut, a heavy nod to Chicago hardcore. And, of course, each day is closed out with a few hardcore legends - Killing Time and Madball on Saturday, and Disembodied and Integrity on Sunday. All in all - if you can’t find something you like here, then you need to get listening, now.

And what better way to do so than by clicking on the links below to listen to each band?

 True Form (FL) | The Fight (NY) | Queensway (MD) | Point of Contact (FL) | Payback (DC) | Out For Justice (NY) | Never Ending Game (MI) | MH Chaos (IL) | Gulch (CA) | Firewalker (MA) | Drain (CA) | Construct (AZ) | Burning Strong (FL) | Be All End All (FL) | Day of Suffering (NC) | Magnitude (NC) | Killing Time (NY) | Madball (NY)

Wild Side (CAN) | Simulakra (DE) | Restraining Order (MA) | One Step Closer (PA) | Nosebleed (VA) | No Option (DE) | Mourning (UK) | Method of Doubt  (FL) | Life’s Question (IL) | Judiciary (TX) | Inclination (KY) | Fuming Mouth (MA) |  Envision (FL) | Choice to Make (PA) | Three Knee Deep (FL) | Mindforce (NY) | Disembodied (MN) | Integrity (OH) 

If you’re not into clicking all those links, I’ve also compiled an FYA 2020 that you can find below.

2-day passes are on sale now for $90 each - you can pick some up by following this link. I would suggest you hurry, however - as of 5 hours ago, only 50 passes remain!


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