The Fight Drop New EP "Endless Noise" (Triple B Records)

Art by Kyle Niland

Just in time, Long Island’s The Fight have dropped exactly what we all need to deal with the shitty world we’re living in: their new EP, Endless Noise.

Fast, angry and raw, and clocking in at just over 15 minutes, Endless Noise goes for the throat. The band combines their punk-laced sound with straight-to-the-point political and social commentary, speaking on everything from the overmilitarized police, to the dependence many have on internet validation. Debuting today on Triple B Records, the EP was recorded by Anthony Corallo, who also happens to be the drummer of one of the band’s larger influences, Sheer Terror. (Other influences include Negative Approach, Poison Idea, and more.) The production on Endless Noise accents it perfectly. They maintained a vintage, classic feel, while graduating from the recording quality that a lot of older bands had, to something a little more polished.

Simply put, this is the kind of hardcore that fits perfectly into what’s going on in the world right now. Some bands try to do the “hardcore punk band that cares about the real issues” thing as more of a gimmick, and always end up massively missing the mark. However, despite how hard it can be to capture that passion, there’s an edge of authenticity to Endless Noise that can’t be faked.

The band plans to have their release show rescheduled to June. I’ll update the post with a date when there’s one available.

Check out The Fight’s Endless Noise below:


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