Ingrown: Ross Hansen on New Record "Gun," Idaho Hardcore, and More

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I bet you can’t think of another hardcore band with a guitarist who started out as a tenor banjo player. And if you can, they’re probably not as good as Ingrown. Go ahead. Tell me. I’ll wait.

Boise, Idaho’s premier powerviolence trio Ingrown just released their debut album, Gun, on Alternatives Label, a label partially ran by Ian Shelton of Regional Justice Center. Gun is an thrashy under-15-minute ripper that’s fast, unrelentingly heavy, and packed with pure aggression. It's a more polished version of the sound established by their previous EP, Meathead, while still maintaining the same rage behind each track. Cutting away all the extra, these tracks go straight to the point - everything is short and sweet, and not a note is wasted.

Keep reading to hear guitarist and vocalist Ross Hansen's thoughts on the new record, Idaho hardcore, AC/DC, how exactly they came across an album title like Gun, and more.

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AA: Introduce yourself with your name, what you do in the band, and a random fact about yourself. 

RH: My name’s Calvin, I play guitar and do vocals also. I think Chamber of Secrets on PC (2002) is probably my favorite game. 

AA: Who played your first hardcore show? What impact did that have on keeping you involved in hardcore?

RH: I had no idea who Charlie was at the time, and wouldn’t have met him for another couple years, but his band Pig Noose with Mirce from Odd Man Out was playing “Gramma’s House” in the fall of 2011. That was the first venue we’d set foot in, and it happened to be across the street from my high school. 

AA: You just released your debut full-length, Gun, at the end of August. What are some influences you drew from on this record, musically and lyrically?

RH: I’d been enjoying playing tenor banjo again for the past year and that helped me thrash it up with some new riff ideas once I got back to guitar. Me and the boys had been simultaneously obsessed with AC/DC’s Powerage, too.

AA: Is there anything you feel you did differently this time around, compared to writing and recording your last EP, Meathead?

RH: Both times, writing felt about the same - really exciting, and kinda rushed, [with] no idea what people would think of the tracks - and enjoying the risk of that. 

AA: Where did the title Gun come from?

RH: The ol’ Regional Justice Center boys threw that out there as a joke when we were on the road together early 2018. Now here we are, Ian, ya sonofagun.

AA: What’s been the funnest song from Gun to play live so far?

RH: I think because “Fool" is more of a ridiculous song, it’s been most fun to see people’s different reactions throughout it. Maybe "Hard Time."

AA: At the time that I send these, you’ll be in the middle of a few West Coast dates, after kicking off the run with Mindforce, No Right, and Zulu in California for a release show. How’s the tour going so far? How did it feel to be able to get back out on the road again and play these new songs?

RH: I can be honest in saying shit’s been as good as it gets. I’ve never enjoyed playing this much before. After the long nightmare of not getting to play due to the past couple years of horseshit - there’s definitely a new level of joy and appreciation that won’t be able to be described by words for a long time. These new ones especially are such a fun time to bust out after waiting so damn long - like getting to watch a vision finally come to life.

AA: What’s the scene like in Idaho? Any cool bands from the area people should know about?

RH: The very best. There’s this brand new fuckin band called Swamp I think? Check out this band Blix from Caldwell, ID, too. 

AA: What do you want to see more of in your local scene in the future?

RH: Hell, I don’t want a single thing to change.

AA: The FYA 8 lineup was recently announced, and you guys are a part of it - how stoked are you to play the fest next year?

RH: It’s crazy as hell man. I guess those psychos are actually lettin’ us do that, which absolutely rules. Dave loves E-Town, and I love Florida.

AA: Any upcoming plans you’d like to talk about?

RH: Spring of 2021, every prayer will be answered.

AA: Any last words?

RH: “Guns are good” -10cellphones

Ross is a man of few words, but much like the length of the band’s songs - every bit is important.

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More importantly, set aside some time to listen to Gun today:


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