Regulate Release "Years of Rage"

Holy shit, this is good.

Unfortunately, that’s not a cohesive review, though, so allow me to expand.

Regulate is a sick straight edge band from Long Island that I’ve really come to love as of late. They released an EP in 2014 called Corrupt/Correct that is perfect to jam to on a don’t-give-a-fuck day. Finally, a couple years and a lineup change later, they released their debut EP on Edgewood Records titled “Years of Rage” and it’s absoutely awesome.

Everything just has a lot more of a polished sound without losing the grittiness and the raw emotion that I love about this band’s sound. You can feel that what vocalist Sebastian Paba says is word for word, nothing-held-back, exactly how he feels. Not to mention, the riffs are unique and non-repetitive (and awesome) in all of Regulate’s music and that’s pretty difficult to do in hardcore, so major props to them for getting it right.

The whole damn thing is bomb but my favorite tracks on it are “Zero Toleranxe.” “End Action” and “Antispectrum.”

You can preorder Years of Rage on Edgewood Records’ online store as a 7” in blue/orange splatter or clear for $5, listen to it on Bandcamp (above), or grab it on iTunes or Amazon in June. 

Peep them at United Blood this weekend and Black n’ Blue Bowl in May if you can. I will be jealous, so don't tell me, but yeah, 10/10, show your support.


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