Detain Release New EP - "Capital Punishment"


A few days ago, Michigan’s Detain officially released some of the hardest stuff I’ve heard all year - their new EP, Capital Punishment. Last month, they teased us with a single, the title track, and now the entire EP is out for your listening pleasure. This is the band’s first release on PA-based Harm Reduction Records.

They finally recorded the intro they’ve been playing for a while, which sets the mood for the rest of the album. Every single song after that is a non-stop ass beating made into an audio track. It’s beautiful. The vocals are deeper and angrier, the guitar parts are heavier, and the drums hit harder. Detain has managed to mature and get better without changing into a new band, which many fans will appreciate.

The EP starts with the fastest song, “World of Decay,” which does a nice job of getting you immediately hyped up to hear the rest. After that is “Capital Punishment,” a new fuck-cops anthem that received unanimously positive feedback after its release. This does exactly what a single should do - it shows a little bit of everything that Detain is about, with metal-influenced riffs, relentlessly fast bits, and those slower mosh parts that the band is known for.

My personal favorite (a hard choice) is the next song, “The Lord’s Prayer,” which is an intense three minute track that sounds like the only acceptable soundtrack to burning down a church - heavy, fast, and something that just generally makes you go “JESUS CHRIST” several times under your breath. Every time it transitions into a new part, it’s heavier (and more evil sounding) than the last.

Lastly, I measure a lot of hardcore bands by their ability to seamlessly incorporate two-step parts, as well as slower mosh bits, into single tracks, and they nail this in “Insurgency.” The drums are insane on this song - hardcore can become a repetitive genre to play as a drummer, but they managed to keep it unique by switching it up several times in this song, among others. Its length, 4 minutes, is long for a typical hardcore song, but it manages to keep your attention despite being a genre with fans that are used to no more than 2.

Additionally, I wanted to share some of the fan reactions from Twitter, because they’ve all been amazing.

Again, amazing.

Capital Punishment is available for purchase on Apple Music. Buy it. I’m sure those tweets convinced you.

If you're too broke, no worries; it's also streaming on Spotify.

Now, go grow a beard and beat someone's ass.


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