Death Rate Release New Album - "Nothin' But Hate"

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Michigan hardcore punks, Death Rate, have released a follow-up to their 2016 demo, titled “Nothin’ But Hate.”

The band features members of beatdown heavyweights Detain, while still managing to do something entirely different and incredible. Death Rate have channeled a fresh sound that stays heavy enough to appeal to Detain fans, while also giving off an old-school, distorted punk vibe. Every song is an fast, rough, loud attack on your eardrums - all (mostly) in less than a minute.

The band chose to record with Nick Kucway (Freedom), and released the EP on Life and Death Brigade, a new label created by Ashton Clemons and Tyler Short (Another Mistake, Inclination, Constraint). LDB will be releasing “Nothin’ But Hate” on a 7” soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Fans of old-school hardcore bands, as well as modern bands who channel the same kind of sound, like Division of Mind and Short Leash, will be a fan for sure.

Listen to “Nothin’ But Hate” below:


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