The Rumble Chicago Full Lineup Announced - Stream the Bands

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The Rumble Chicago has announced its full 2018 lineup. This fest has exceeded my expectations in the best way, with a blend of older hardcore legends that have played previous Rumbles, as well as newer bands that have consistently been proving themselves to be amazing artists. Additionally, this fest encompasses bands from the West Coast to the East, giving it a well-rounded lineup that is, all in all, one of the best fest lineups I’ve seen in a while. No repetitiveness, no excessive “trendy” bands - just hardcore. For the Midwest.

Tickets will go on sale at noon on 12/22 (this upcoming Friday), on This post will be updated as pricing information becomes available.

Click on band names to stream all the bands below, and get ready for the best weekend of 2018.

Lethal Contact (shoutout here) (IN) | Enjoy the Massacre (IL) | Detain (interview here) (MI) | Sanction (NY) | Spine (IL) | Year of the Knife (DE) | Die Young (TX) | Freedom (MI) | Racetraitor (IL) | Greg Bennick | Strife (CA)

Infamy (WI) | Kharma (shoutout here) (IL) | No Victory (shoutout here) (IN) | Kill Their Past | Lowered A.D. (IL) | Thought Crusade (IL) | Trail of Lies (NY) | Steel Nation (PA) | True Love (MI) | Krimewatch (NY) | Dead End Path (PA) | Bent Life (NE) | Shattered Realm (NJ) | Billy Club Sandwich (NY) | Incendiary (NY) | Wisdom in Chains (PA)

As usual, if you don’t have time to click all those links, here’s a playlist for those who are on Spotify.
(*Petition to make Lethal Contact and Infamy add their music to Spotify)

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